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The Aventino Medical Group
Via Sant'Alberto Magno, 5, apt. 3
00153 Rome, Italy

telephone and fax: +39 06 5728-8349 or 06 578-0738
office hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 7:30 pm,
Saturday by appointment

Email communications are best sent to info@aventinomedicalgroup.com - they will be handled competently and confidentially by the secretaries.

If necessary, many of our individual practitioners can also be contacted directly by email.

please always send a cc to info@aventinomedicalgroup.com

Dr. Vincenzo Bacci: MC1635@mclink.it
Dr. Giuseppe Bruno: giuseppe.bruno@uniroma1.it
Dr. Tara Giorgini: giorgini.t@gmail.com
Dr. Susan Levenstein: slevenstein@aventinomedicalgroup.com
Dr. Francesca Maccioni: francesca.maccioni@uniroma1.it
Dr. Corinne Périssé: corinne.perisse@teletu.it
Dr. Fabio Zannoni: FabioZannoni1@virgilio.it


Via Sant'Alberto Magno, 5 - 00153 Rome, Italy
tel./fax (+39) 06 5780738
hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM - 7:30 PM

email: info@aventinomedicalgroup.com
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