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The Aventino Medical Group includes health care practitioners from several countries, all licensed in Italy and most with international training, who have been collaborating in Rome for as long as 30 years. We take pride in offering unique high-level personalized care based on professional competence, humanity, and the support provided by our superb front desk staff. Plus free wi-fi while you're waiting...

Visits: By appointment. Normally visits are scheduled when a slot is available, but in an emergency any patient we already know will be squeezed in on the same day. This can mean other patients with appointments have to wait at times, but we think that's a necessary tradeoff. Please try to give 24 hours notice when cancelling, so another patient can be given your slot. Email fanatics take note: long experience has taught us that the most efficient way to take an appointment is by making a telephone call.
Cross-coverage: When one of us is out of town or unavailable, the secretaries will always be able to arrange for a substitute, either within our practice or not. We will also gladly help you find an outside physician in specialties not included in our group, when necessary.
Telephone calls: When with a patient, we ordinarily have the secretaries take messages and then we call back later. Please don't ask them to interrupt an examination unless it's really necessary. In an emergency you can call us at home, or enlist the secretaries' help. For routine calls to the office, try to avoid the peak telephone hours of 9-11 am and 2-5:30 pm.
Payment: We follow a policy of moderate fees, in the expensive Italian context, and will scale down even those if you are really strapped. In return, we'd appreciate your paying on the spot when possible, since we have no fancy billing system. As of now, only Drs. Bacci, Bonfiglio, Bresciani, Bruno, Coen, De Arcangelis, Forte, Gaido, Giorgini, Groff, Leoni, Levenstein, Maccioni, Naumann, Perissé, Petretti, Pierce, Shashaj, Stainier, Verola, Vitelli, and Zannoni can accept credit and debit cards. Our office is not part of the Italian National Health Service.
Insurance: Almost all insurance companies will require you to pay us up front and later get reimbursed; Allianz (see below), Cigna, CISI, Highway To Health/Geoblue, Healix, SOS International (for Trinity College students), and GVA are the only exceptions to this rule. Please try to remember to bring your insurance forms at the time of your appointment, when they're easiest to fill out.

Patients insured through international agencies by Allianz: We have a complex direct payment agreement that applies only to Drs.Bacci, Bonfiglio, Bresciani, Coen, D'Agata, De Arcangelis, Gaido, Gestraud, Groff, Leoni, Levenstein, Maccioni, Shashaj, Stainier, Verola, Vitelli, and Zannoni.

The agreement covers medical examinations and most other services the doctor might perform at the visit (injections, ECGs, Pap smears, spirometry, cryotherapy, etc.). The insurance company will pay 80% of the total cost directly to us (for Bioversity, 90%). Say for example you work for FAO, you bring your child for a follow-up visit with Dr. Stainier, and she needs a throat swab for strep as part of your visit. Her charge is €90 for the visit and €20 for the strep test, for a total of €110. You give the secretary 20% of that, or €22, and Allianz pays the rest directly to the doctor. We give you an invoice only if you need it to get your €22 reimbursed by one of your insurers.

Francesco Petretti, Livio Antinucci, and Drs. Banella, Bergamaschi, Bruno, Forte, Giorgini, Luti, Naumann, Perissé, Pierce, and Stein are not included in any direct payment agreement, and their Allianz patients must pay in full and request reimbursement.

Please have your insurance card ready when it's time to pay.

Welcome to Rome - and to our practice!
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