In case of a medical emergency, call the emergency number 112. It is valid in all of Europe.

Telephone and Fax: +39 06 5728 8349 or +39 06 57 80 738

To contact us by email, write to, your email will be handled by the secretarial staff in absolute respect for your privacy.

If necessary, you can also contact our specialists directly via email:

Ramin Abbassian (Osteopathy):
Dr. Vincenzo Bacci (Internal Medicine):
Dr. Gianluigi Bergamaschi Marsella (Plastic Surgery):
Dr. Leopoldo Bianconi (Cardiology):
Dr. Giuseppe Bruno (Neurology):
Dr. Guido Coen Tirelli (ENT):
Dr. Jeanette Gaido (Dermatology):
Dr. Valeria Gianfreda (Proctology and Pelviperineology):
Dr. Tara Giorgini (Foot and Hand Surgery):
Dr. Flavia Leone (Physiotherapy):
Dr. Luca Leoni (Dermatology):
Dr. Susan Levenstein (Internal Medicine):
Dr. Francesca Maccioni (Diagnostic ultrasound):
Dr. Nico Naumann (Obstetrics-Gynecology):
Dr. Corinne Périssé (Psychology):
Dr. Emanuela Quagliata (Psychology):
Dr. Daria Russo (Psychology):
Dr. Blegina Shashaj (Pediatrics):
Dr. Catherine Marie Stainier Benoit (Pediatrics):
Dr. Jean Verola (Orthopedics):
Dr. Fabio Zannoni (Gastroenterology):