Dr. Flavia Leone


Enrolled in the Association of Healthcare Professionals in Physiotherapy, no. 4487 through the association: TSRM PSTRP of Rome.

Email: leoneflavia@gmail.com and info@aventinomedicalgroup.com
Phone: 065780738 / 0657288349
Cell.: 3280690376
Office hours: Monday 9.00 AM - 08.00 PM


Training and certifications

• Classical High School diploma, 2005
• Laurea Magistrale (MA) in Physiotherapy Department of Medicine and Surgery 1, Università degli Studi “La Sapienza”, Rome, 2009
• Treatment of the Fascia: Pompages, 2009
• Vascular Rehabilitation: Manual lymphatic drainage, 2010
• Respiratory Rehabilitation: Advanced Course, 2010
• Mézières Level 1, Theory and Practice, 2011
• Course of Hydrokinetic therapy (ASP method), 2013
• Shockwave therapy course B.T.L. Italy, 2013
• Course in Neuro-muscular taping, 2014
• Feldenkrais® Method teacher training course, 2015-2019

Professional experience

• Since 2009, private practice in professional offices in Rome and home visits
• Since 2009, work with Ryder Italia Onlus association in the area of rehabilitation of chronic respiratory and oncological pathologies
• From 2011 to 2014, worked in the rehabilitation center of the Fisionet group and in the Villa Mafalda Clinic with neurological, traumatological and sport rehabilitation, including the role of Coordinator of Physiotherapy Services
• In 2015, worked as a hydrokinetic therapist in the Tiziano Fisioterapia rehabilitation center with rehabilitative recovery in water
• Since 201,9 teaches the Feldenkrais® Method “Awareness through movement ®”

Services provided

• Manual Physiotherapy
- Mézières® method, postural re-education
- Motor, neurological and respiratory rehabilitation
- Manual lymphatic drainage
- Massage therapy and pompage
- Feldenkrais® Method, Awareness through movement®
- Neuro-muscular taping
• Instrumental physiotherapy
- Shockwave therapy
- T.E.N.S.
- Magnetic therapy
• Home visits

Languages spoken

Italian, English