Dr. Ingrid Pedroni


Email: info@aventinomedicalgroup.com
Phone: 065780738 / 0657288349
Office hours: Friday from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm

Ingrid Pedroni is a psychoanalyst in private practice in Rome, working with individual patients, couples and families.
For 12 years she has worked in Public Service with families, children, adolescents and immigrant patients.
As President of the no profit Association Vivere Altrove she has cooperated with the United Nations Organizaton for Migration in a project for Serbian Psychologists involved in the aftermath of the ex-jugoslavian war and for the psychotherapy of immigrant patients in Rome.

Training and certifications

• Degree in Law, University of Rome La Sapienza
• Degree in Psychology, University of Rome La Sapienza
• Health Psychology, University of Rome, La Sapienza
• Early Childhood Psychosomatic Disorders, Diagnosis and Therapy, at the Istituto di Neuropsichiatria Infantile, University of Rome, La Sapienza
• Psychodynamic Psychiatry and Therapy of Children and Adolescents, at the Istituto di Neuropsichiatria Infantile, University of Rome, La Sapienza
• Family psychotherapist trained at the Istituto Europeo di Formazione e Consulenza Sistemica
• Migration and Transcultural pysochotherapy Seminars at Gruppo Viale Angelico since 1997


• Member of International Association Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (IAPSP)
• Member of International Association Relational Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, (IARPP)

Professional experience

• Past President of association Vivere Altrove in cooperation with International Organization of Migration
• Former President of ISIPSÉ , the Italian Training Institute and School of Psychotherapy in Self Psychology and Relational Psychoanalysis
• Faculty member and supervising analyst at ISIPSé in Rome for Self Psychology
• Migration and Transcultural Psychotherapy teaching in Rome and in Milan Isipsé Institutes
• Self psychologist and Relational psychoanalyst, in private praxis with individual patients, couples and families
• Presentations at different IARPP and IAPSP conferences from 2005 to 2018 (Rome, Athens, Baltimore, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Chicago. New York, Santiago, Jerusalem, Vienna)

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