Dr. Ramin Abbassian


Member, French Osteopath Association
P.IVA: 13846871005

Email: abbassian.osteo@gmail.com
Phone: 065780738 / 0657288349
Cell: +39 340 78 08 452
Office Hours: Thursday mornings

Dr. Abbassian received the degree of D.O. (diplôme d’ostéopathe de France) from the ESO Paris - Ecole Supérieure d'Ostéopathie in Paris (a six-year course) and is a member of the SFDO, the French Association of Osteopaths. Dr. Abbassian works with babies, adults, pregnant women, seniors and athletes. He is specialized in posturology and works in the field of orthopedics.

Training and certifications

• Degree of osteopathy from the ESO Paris
• Posturology - Christophe Buisson, Osteopath D.O., Paris, France
• Optometry – Dr. Claude A. Valenti, La Jolla, California, USA
• Pediatric Osteopathy - Samantha Fannell D.O. London, England
• Neuropediatrics - Démarche clinique en ostéopathie neuropédiatrique: “Les anomalies de développement” (abnormalities of development) with Evelyne Soyez-Papiernik DO, MSc – Port Royal, Paris, France
• Structural Osteopathy – N. Waymann, D.O, BSO
• Radiology applied to Osteopathy - Francois Corfu, Paris

Professional experience

• Oncological Osteopathy “Osteopatia in ambito oncologico”- Hopital Tenon Paris
• Osteopath in the Maternity ward, Clinique Vauban, Paris
• Sports Osteopath in several sports associations, Ile de France
• Osteopath at the SCM Kiné République Paris
• Osteopath at the Centre Hospitalier de Chateau-de-Loire (Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, ER) Saint-Calais France

Services provided

• Visits : babies, adults, pregnant women, seniors and athletes

Languages spoken

English, Italian, French, Persian


“The contribution of osteopathy in conjunction with physiotherapy in patients recovering from rotator cuff surgery”