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To find an open pharmacy cliquez ici.

Most pharmacies are open non-stop between 8:00 AM and 7:30 PM Monday through Friday and from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturdays.
Farmacia Santa Sabina, Viale Aventino, 78 follows this schedule.
Some pharmacies are open all night; two of these that are close to our office are Farmacia Trastevere, Viale Trastevere, 80 and Farmacia San Paolo, Viale Ostiense, 168. The pharmacist will usually give you your prescription back when you buy the medicine – that way we can write the instructions on the prescription in whatever language you prefer.


Most American and European drugs are available in Italy, even if they may be sold under a different name..
A pharmacy may not always have the drug requested but another pharmacy might have it. You can also ask the pharmacist if it’s possible to order it and pick it up later – in the afternoon if you ask in the morning, or the next morning if you asked in the afternoon.
If the pharmacist says the drug prescribed is no longer produced or cannot be found, you can ask to check the “informatore farmaceutico” or try with the Vatican drugstore near Saint Peter’s – via Porta Angelica, entrance Porta Sant’Anna.
If you should decide to go to the Vatican drugstore, remember to take the prescription with you as well an ID or Passport or you will not be able to enter.

Laboratory tests and other diagnostic exams

Lab tests are carried out at special laboratories or in structures such as hospitals and clinics that have their own laboratories..
Most laboratories have limited morning hours for taking samples, such as from 7:00 – 10:00 AM.
Others have longer hours. We advise asking this information before going to the lab.
You may be asked to fast for 8 hours before a sample is taken. In the case of small children this is usually only 3 hours.
Some laboratories may have an agreement with your insurance company for direct payment. Ask for this information before you go.
They will ask to be paid the day the sample is taken.
The patient picks up his or her own results in hard copy. If you prefer to receive it online, ask when you pay and they will give you an access code and the website.
At the patient’s request, some labs are willing to send the results to your doctor by email.
You will need to make an appointment in advance at the lab or hospital for other diagnostic tests such as X-rays, CAT scans, Magnetic Resonance, colonoscopy, etc.,
We have special agreements with the following structures to do laboratory tests and diagnostic exams:
Casa di Cura "Santo Volto", Piazza del Tempio di Diana, 12 (50 meters from our offices),
phone: 06 572 9921.
“Salvator Mundi International Hospital”, Via delle Mura Gianicolensi, 67,
phone.: 06 588 961. They carry out lab tests and X-rays all day, not only in the morning. They can send us the results directly by fax or email and can send someone to your house to take samples if you are too sick to go out.

Centro Diagnostico, Via Pigafetta 1, phone: 06 571071

Casa di Cura "Villa Margherita, Via di Villa Massimo, 48, phone: 06 44233146. They have an excellent Radiology department (sonograms, X-rays, CAT, MRI, etc.)

Laboratorio “Flaminio 9”, Piazzale Flaminio, 9, phone:. 06 3611565.
They are particularly good with small children.

Vaccinations in Italy

Certain vaccinations are obligatory in Italy
Depending on the age between zero and sixteen, the following vaccines are obligatory:
  • polio
  • diphtheria
  • tetanus
  • hepatitis B
  • whooping cough
  • Haemophilus influenzae B
  • measles
  • german measles
  • mumps
  • chickenpox
The following vaccines, though not obligatory, are recommended:
  • meningococcal disease B
  • meningococcal disease C
  • pneumonococcal disease
  • rotavirus.
To visualize the vaccine calendar for 2017 – 2019 click on:

Following the laws requiring vaccinations in Italy, the rate of vaccination against diseases like measles, chickenpox, German measles and mumps has increased. Nevertheless there can be isolated cases of these diseases. We strongly recommend to check your children’s vaccinations and to speak with our pediatricians.

The hepatitis A vaccine is not obligatory, but while rare, it is possible to contract hepatitis A from eating raw shellfish.

Vaccines for travel

All vaccines, with the exception of that for Japanese encephalitis and yellow fever, can be administered at the AMG offices.

These, including Japanese encephalitis, can also be administered at the following International vaccination centers:

Centro di Vaccinazioni Internazionali Medicina dei viaggi
Via Plinio, 31   phone: 06 6835.4031 or 06 6835.4032

Hours: Monday to Friday mornings 7:30 – 11:30, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons: 2:30 to 4:15

Centro Vaccinazioni Internazionali Via dei Frentani
Via dei Frentani, 6   phone:.06 7730.3588

Hours for vaccinations (by appointment): Monday to Friday mornings 8:30 – 12:30 and Tuesday and Thursday 2:30 to 4:00

Fièvres Tropicales

L'Hôpital  Spallanzani (Via Portuense 292) fournit un service sans nécessité de prise de rendez-vous pour les fièvres tropicales; les tests liés à ces pathologies y sont effectués.

  • Pour ceux qui ont l’assistance snitaire publique, il faut appeler le numero recup 069939 et se munir d’une prescription du médecin de base avec indication de "visita malattie tropicali."
  • Pour ceux qui ont l’assistance snitaire publique, il faut appeler le numero recup 069939 et faire le 2 pour demander une visite en intra-moenia.
En cas d’urgence, se rendre directement à l’accueil hospitalier au 292 de Via Portuense, du lundi au samedi aux heures suivantes : 9:00 - 13:00 / 14:00 - 18:00

For foreigners

Some suggestions to stay well in Rome
Running water in your faucets and in the street drinking fountains is safe to drink and comes from sources that are regulated and controlled.

If you want to know where your water comes from, you can find out on this website::

The Tiber River is heavily polluted, as are some of the beaches near Rome. Nevertheless most beaches have water purification plants, making the beaches pleasant and safe to swim in.

When you get to Rome you may find that you are more subject to colds and flus than at home. These, however, will help to immunize you against the local viruses.

Contraceptives and abortions are legal in Italy.

Allergies; Rome has a microclimate and vegetation that favors allergies.

Living will

Since January 31, 2018 Italians have the right to choose how they will be treated in case of incapacitating illness. To learn more about creating an “advance treatment directive” you can follow the indications given in Corriere della Sera.

Medical certificates for sports

Medical certificates are not obligatory by law for amateur sports activities, or the gyms and pools where these activities are practiced without participating non-competitively, but they may be required by the facility.
They have the following characteristics:
  • A medical exam is necessary but without any diagnostic tests.
  • At the discretion of the doctor, specific exams may be requested especially in the case of individuals considered at greater risk (e.g. men over 55 and women over 65)
Medical certificates for non-competitive sports are obligatory for:
  • Students who are in extra-scholastic physical or sport activities, that is, those organized by the school outside of the hours of class;
  • Those that practice a sport in organizations affiliated with National Sports Federations and CONI (but are not considered competitive athletes)
  • Those who participate in “Giochi delle Gioventù” activities in the phases that precede the national level.
These certificates:
  • Are issued by the doctor or pediatrician of the ASL (national health service) or by
  • a doctor specialized in Sports Medicine
  • A medical examination is always required
  • They require an EKG
Medical certificates for competitive sports are obligatory for:

  • members of sports considered competitive athletes
  • (Those who participate in “Giochi delle Gioventù” activities in the national phases.
These certificates:
  • Are issued by a doctor specialized in Sports Medicine
  • A medical examination and the following tests are always necessary:
  • EKG at rest and under stress
  • Blood pressure at rest and under stress
  • Urine test
  • Spirometry test

For the well-being of the mind and body

Yoga, Alexander Technique, Relaxation therapies – you can find everything, don’t hesitate to ask.

Associations and Aid Groups

Alcoholists Anonymous: phone: 06 855-8186 o 06 663-6629
Overeaters Anonymous: phone: 06 474 3772
For cancer patients and their families: Ryder Italia, phone: 06 860-4788
Suicide friend Line (English and Italian): "I Samaritani": tel. 800 860022