How Works Aventino Medical Group

Welcome to Our Practice

The Aventino Medical Group includes health care practitioners from several countries, all licensed in Italy and most with international training, who have been collaborating in Rome for as long as 36 years. We take pride in offering unique high-level personalized care based on professional competence, humanity, and the support provided by our superb front desk staff. Plus free wi-fi while you're waiting...

Specialist visits:

Specialist visits require appointments but if it is urgent, we will do our best to get you an appointment the same day.
While this may mean that you might occasionally have to wait for your doctor who may have had to take an urgent appointment, we believe this service is of benefit to all our patients.
If you have to cancel an appointment, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance so another patient can use the space.
From our long experience, we always prefer to make appointments by phone rather than by email.

Availability of the specialists:

When one of us is not reachable, our secretaries will be able to find you a valid substitute, whether or not he or she is a member of the Aventino Medical Group.

In case you should need a specialist who is not a member of our group, do not hesitate to ask our advice. One of us will always be available to indicate a specialist best suited to your needs, based on our experience.

Phone calls:

For routine calls to the office, try to avoid the peak telephone hours of 11:00 am - 1:00 pm and 3:00 - 6:00 pm.
When we are busy with a patient, the secretaries will take your message. We will call back the same day as soon as possible.
Please don’t ask them to interrupt a visit unless it’s actually urgent.

In case of an urgent request, you can call our personal phones (you can find the numbers on our site or on our business cards or prescriptions). Or you can ask the secretaries to help you trace the specialist you need.


This is a private medical practice. It is not part of the National Health Service.
However, almost all of our specialists follow a policy of moderate fees.
If there is a real need on the part of the patient, we will apply a reduced fee. In exchange, we ask that patients pay at the moment of the visit.
Payment can be made by credit card or ATM card, cash or Italian check.

The specialists who accept credit cards or ATM card payment are Doctors Abbassian, Bacci, Bergamaschi, Bianconi, Bonfiglio, Bresciani, Bruno, Coen, De Arcangelis, Gaido, Giorgini, Groff, Leone, Leoni, Levenstein, Maccioni, Naumann, Perissé, Shashaj, Stainier Benoit, Verola, Vitelli and Zannoni.


When you arrive for your visit, please give the secretaries the forms necessary for your insurance.

1. Direct payment agreement
We have a direct payment agreement with the following insurance companies:
Allianz, HTH/GeoBlue, Healix, SOS International (only for Trinity College students). We accept direct payment agreement with Cigna and CISI prior payment guarantee, delivered by the insurance.

For employees of FAO, ICCROM, IFAD, and WFP insured with Allianz:

The Direct Payment Agreement includes both medical visits and, with few exceptions, all the other extra services carried out during the visit (such as injections, EKG, Pap test, spirometry test, cryotherapy, etc.)

With direct payment, you will pay 20% of the specialist’s fee to the secretaries. If you have a further coverage for that 20%, we will give you a copy of the invoice. The specialists that have a direct payment agreement with this Insurance Company are Doctors Bacci, Bianconi, Bonfiglio, Bresciani, Coen, De Arcangelis, Gaido, Gestraud, Groff, Leoni, Levenstein, Maccioni, Poirée, Shashaj, Stainier Benoit, Verola, Vitelli and Zannoni.

Those specialists that do not have a direct payment agreement with this company are Doctors Bergamaschi Marsella, Bruno, Forte, Giorgini, Naumann, Périssé, Petretti and Stein; Their patients will have to pay the fee in full and ask their insurance company to reimburse them.

2. Those without direct payment
If your insurance company does not have a direct payment agreement with us, you’ll need to pay the full amount of the bill to the secretaries at the end of your visit and then you should give the receipt to your insurance company to get the reimbursement you’re entitled to by your contract.