Laboratory tests and other diagnostic exams

Lab tests are carried out at special laboratories or in structures such as hospitals and clinics that have their own laboratories..
Most laboratories have limited morning hours for taking samples, such as from 7:00 – 10:00 AM.
Others have longer hours. We advise asking this information before going to the lab.
You may be asked to fast for 8 hours before a sample is taken. In the case of small children this is usually only 3 hours.
Some laboratories may have an agreement with your insurance company for direct payment. Ask for this information before you go.
They will ask to be paid the day the sample is taken.
The patient picks up his or her own results in hard copy. If you prefer to receive it online, ask when you pay and they will give you an access code and the website.
At the patient’s request, some labs are willing to send the results to your doctor by email.
You will need to make an appointment in advance at the lab or hospital for other diagnostic tests such as X-rays, CAT scans, Magnetic Resonance, colonoscopy, etc.,
We have special agreements with the following structures to do laboratory tests and diagnostic exams:
Casa di Cura "Santo Volto", Piazza del Tempio di Diana, 12 (50 meters from our offices),
phone: 06 572 9921.
“Salvator Mundi International Hospital”, Via delle Mura Gianicolensi, 67,
phone.: 06 588 961. They carry out lab tests and X-rays all day, not only in the morning. They can send us the results directly by fax or email and can send someone to your house to take samples if you are too sick to go out.

Centro Diagnostico, Via Pigafetta 1, phone: 06 571071

Casa di Cura "Villa Margherita, Via di Villa Massimo, 48, phone: 06 44233146. They have an excellent Radiology department (sonograms, X-rays, CAT, MRI, etc.)

Laboratorio “Flaminio 9”, Piazzale Flaminio, 9, phone:. 06 3611565.
They are particularly good with small children.