Informations de Confidentialité



We protect your privacy at the AMG and follow the Italian and European regulations summarized below.


Our doctors will need some personal information from you, to carry out their work.

This may be sensitive data concerning your health, your habits, your sexual life, as well as genetic data, depending on the health service you need.

This information will always be collected and preserved with full respect of the privacy laws and patient anonymity.


Data will always be collected from the patient him or herself, except in special cases such as minors, those incapable of communicating or other special cases.

If the parent or legal guardian is unavailable, the person accompanying the patient will require a signed proxy and ID.

In case of divorced parents, either parent can give consent.

Minors over 14 can give their own consent to request a prescription for a pregnancy test.

Minors over 16 can give their own consent for:


  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Tests where the minor declares the personal and non-therapeutic use of psychotropic drugs
  • HIV tests; in case of positive outcome the patient will participate in deciding how the parents will be involved in further diagnostic and treatment procedures.


Emancipated minors can give their own consent with assistance of their tutor.


Your data is protected by the ethical and legal standards of professional confidentiality. All sensitive information concerning you and your health may be preserved electronically or on paper, in which case they are kept under lock and key.

Only specifically authorized employees and others who work with us and have access to your data and anyone who has access will treat it under the codes of patient confidentiality.

Your data will not be disseminated in any way without your explicit consent.