Dott. Francesco Petretti


P.IIVA: 09102440584

Tel.: 06 5728 8349
Orario di studio: Lunedì e Giovedì mattina

• Trained in Orthopedic, cardiopulmonary, neurological and geriatric physical therapy at the Scuola per Terapisti della Riabilitazione – Centro Didattico Polivalente UUSSLL RM/4/5, Rome
• Diploma in rehabilitation therapy, 1990
• Training in “Global Body Therapy – Mézières Method," Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches en Thérapie d’Approche Globale, Rome, 1991-2

Technical skills:
• Functional assessment of gross motor skills (walking, standing, rolling, sitting...); identification and selection of the most appropriate assistive technology followed by support in the fitting and training process; body transfer training (i. e. bed to wheelchair and viceversa); caretaker education for the safe handling of patients. Extensive experience in therapeutic exercise supervision and patient/caregiver education.

Special competencies:
• Multi-year experience in listening and talking with severely disabled patients and their families
• Good interaction skills acquired in the relationship with other healthcare professionals (nurses, social workers, physicians, suppliers of mobility aids) involved in the long-term care of homebound patients

Languages spoken: Italian and English